Hay, haylage & straw suppliers in Dorset

C. E. Barnes & Son

Telephone 07836 369969

About haylage
About hay

Delivering to
Dorchester, Weymouth,
Poole, Ferndown
Verwood, Blandford,
Sturminster Marshall,
Swanage, Wareham

boat & caravan
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near Wareham


About haylage.

Haylage is forage that is preserved by the process of fermentation.
We mow our grass in the late morning & early afternoon to ensure that it contains the highest sugar levels possible, the grass is then left to dry (wilting) for 24 - 48 hours, increasing the dry matter content from 20-25% to 55-65%.
It is then baled and wrapped in plastic to start the anaerobic fermentation process which preserves the grass, and increases the digestibility of the stored product compared to hay. Haylage, with its higher moisture content and being virtually dust free is more palatable and easier to feed than hay, and can greatly reduce respiratory conditions.

We make 3'6" long square bales, suitable for 1 to 3 horses, or 5'6" to 6' long bales for 3 or more horses. Once opened they should last 7 10 days, and if kept in good dry conditions, up to 21 days. Remember GOOD haylage will last, BAD haylage will not.


Why use haylage ?

Haylage maintains the nutrients fresh grass (Up to 90%)
As a moist feed it is more palatable than hay (Reduced wastage)
Can be stored outdoors (reduces barn space needed)
Contains no dust (No soaking / reduced repiratory conditions)


Our aim is to produce good quality food for horses, guarenteed, and at a sensible price.

Please call for free sample or a quote.


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